Album Review: St. Lucia – When The Night


St. LuciaWhen The Night
Columbia Records
Release Date – October 8th, 2013

Recommended if you like: Peter Gabriel, Ghost Beach, Charli XCX

Some songs have a way of sticking with you in an indescribable way. The first time you listen to the opening of St. Lucia’s single “Elevate,” odds are you had that feeling, too. Was it the opening synth riff? Was it the incredible bass line peaking its head out during the verses? Was it the huge gang vocals singing the chorus at the end of the song? Whatever it was for you, the catchiness of this lead single was unbelievable. After hearing this song and a handful of others on previous EPs, excitement exuded about the full release coming out.

What tends to happen when an EP precedes a full release is that the previously released tracks are the best ones on the album. While this is certainly not a new thing to do to artists releasing their major label debut, it’s an unfortunate one for previous fans.

This review should not be read as a disappointment towards St. Lucia, but comes as somewhat of a warning to returning fans expecting an album full of brand new songs. While the old songs like “Closer Than This” and “We Got It Wrong” continue to sound terrific, unfortunately the new songs have a harder time sticking their landing.

It would not be surprising to hear some of these songs take off on Top 40 radio, especially with the backing of a major label as strong as Columbia. With someone as talented as Jean-Philip Grobler, he certainly deserves all the attention he can garner. While this debut release has its hits and misses, the hits are most certainly grand slams.

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