Exclusive Interview and Single Stream: Low Weather


Low Weather is the personification of Michael Trieb’s newest music endeavor, in which he takes a huge leap forward in evolving his musical sound. “I guess somewhere along the way, the whole ‘singer-songwriter’ aesthetic just didn’t work for my music anymore,” Trieb says. “It wasn’t an accurate identifier. My songs began to get weirder and I started to have less and less songs I was able to pull off by myself on stage.”

Now with the new project in full swing, Low Weather is planning to release a full length album in March, with half of the record already recorded and ready to be heard. The lead single, Underneath, certainly tips its hat to the musical influences of Death Cab for Cutie and Pedro the Lion. Trieb and his comrades lay down an eerily catchy bass line with a plinking guitar that seep into your subconscious and leave you wanting to hit play after the song ends. Some of his other songs draw from his love of classics like John Lennon and Paul McCartney as well as cult favorites Pavement and American Football.

From a lyrical standpoint, Trieb says these songs come from a very personal place for him. “When writing, I think I’ve been learning that any situation you might find yourself in is not always unique to just you. Everybody deals with similar stuff, we just kind of view it through different lenses. So this album is simply my own perspective on things.”

With half of the album recorded, Low Weather is anxious to begin recording the remainder of the album. They are currently running a Kickstarter project to raise $2,000 to record and complete the remainder of their full length album. Be sure to check out the links below on how to stay up to date with Low Weather.