Best of 2014


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This marks my 6th annual End of the Year listing. As usual, there’s plenty of great music I either missed out on this year, didn’t give enough listens in order to justifiably put it on my list, or stuff that just really didn’t catch my ear. I hope if nothing else, this gives you a few new artists to enjoy. Thanks for reading through my list, and please be sure to share your favorite albums of the year in the comments.

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Song of the Week: JOHNNYSWIM’s “Heart Beats”


“Heart Beats”
JohnnyswimHeart Beats
Big Picnic Records


Imagine being the daughter of Donna Summer. Sure, you will certainly have been given a tremendous amount of talent passed down genetically, but you also have the pressure of filling some mighty big shoes. However, with the help of her husband, Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez make up the next great duo to hit the music scene with their band JOHNNYSWIM. The title track from their new EP, Heart Beats, showcases Sudano’s soaring vocals as well as Ramirez’s ability to harmonize in a breathtaking way. While the full band arrangement is a terrific, there is just something magical watching the two lovers perform the song as a duo with just their voices and a single guitar.

You can download the song for FREE below.

You can also download the entire EP on iTunes or Amazon, as well as like the band on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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