Song of the Week: The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather”


“Sweater Weather”
The NeighbourhoodI Love You.
Columbia Records


The California based band The Neighbourhood is on the rise thanks to the release of their Columbia Records backed debut I Love You. While the album is certainly loaded with catchy songs, the standout single is certainly “Sweater Weather.”

The song showcases singer Jesse Rutherford’s superb ability to jump quickly from pseudo-rapping the verses into his full singing voice on the chorus with definite nods to the rap and hip-hop scene in their California homeland. Rutherford and company have had enormous success with both this single and the record as a whole. I Love You. reached number 39 on the Billboard Top 200 and number 9 on the Rock Charts while the single “Sweater Weather” reached number one on the Billboard’s Alternative Songs charts.

You can download the song for FREE below.

You can also download The Neighbourhood’s newest album on iTunes or Amazon, as well as like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


(To download song, right click link and select “Save Link As…”)


2 thoughts on “Song of the Week: The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather”

  1. Rachel

    More like song of the year! I’ve been hooked since I first heard it and now I get to see their live show on the 30th. They’re playing at Roy Wilkins so itll be weird seeing them in such a massive venue!

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