Song of the Week: Dessa’s “Fighting Fish”


“Fighting Fish”
DessaParts of Speech
Doomtree Records

The idea of female rappers has always seemed a little odd to most music fans. It’s hard to pinpoint why this is the case, but it always catches people off guard to hear a girl with an angelic voice laying down verses like she’s been doing it for years. Margret Wander, better known by her stage name Dessa, has been doing hip hop for nearly a decade both as a part of the band Doomtree as well as releasing solo material as well. Her most recent album, Parts of Speech has caught the ear of numerous pundits, which includes high praise from the hard-to-impress Bob Boilen of NPR’s All Songs Considered.

The song featured this week showcases Dessa’s incredible songwriting chops, probably due in part to her knowledge and interest in philosophy. In an interview, she explains that the song is her attempt to be a meaningful contributor and striving to be an artist that is remembered much in the way da Vinci and Bach are. When talking with a group of fellow artists who kept saying “It’s not rocket science, none of us up here are da Vinci, none of us are Bach…” she thought to herself, “Don’t you, in your heart, hope that you might be though?” Dessa’s intermingling of strong rap flow with solid singing in this song provide a terrific soundscape while still sounding accessible.

You can download the song for FREE below.

You can also download Dessa’s latest album on iTunes or Amazon, as well as like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


(To download song, right click link and select “Save Link As…”)


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