Album Review: Parachute – Overnight


Mercury Records
Release Date: August 13th 2013

Recommended if you like: The Script, Goo Goo Dolls, The Cab

Parachute have spent most of their musical career trying to differentiate themselves from the rest of the music scene. Originally going by the name Sparky’s Flaw, they decided to change their name after having a song picked up for commercial use by Nivea Skin Care. For some reason, the skin care company that prided themselves on fixing flawed skin wasn’t a fan of having a song by a band with the word “flaw” in the name. Unfortunately, they were not the first band to choose Parachute, either. A very popular Australian worship went by “Parachute Band” which made it even more difficult for people to Google the band. These days, Will Anderson and company have had the success to make them much more of a household name with the help of standout singles like “She Is Love,” “Under Control,” “Something To Believe In, and “Kiss Me Slowly.”

With the release of Overnight, Parachute is once again attempting to differentiate themselves. Their top-notch 2011 album The Way It Was solidified their presence in the pop/rock genre with their rocking guitar sound and the consistent addition of saxophone. Overnight takes their sound to the next level by bringing some head-bopping synths into the mix. Songs like “Meant To Be” and “Can’t Help” start out the record with a bang by showcasing their new and improved sound. “Can’t Help” is the first single, and Anderson make it his mission to flaunt his ever-impressive vocals front and center. The song tells about being fixated on a girl he can’t shake as he sings out “It happens every time, can’t get you off my mind, and everybody else better wait in line. I can’t help myself from fall in love with you.”

While a few songs seem to be a bit overloaded with synth, Parachute pulls it back to a more subtle sound and bring out the sound that they do best: piano, electric guitars, and harmonies. Whether it’s the upbeat sounds of “Overnight” and “Didn’t See It Coming,” or the more laid back songs “Hurricane” and “Disappear,” this record is filled with songs with lots of potential to be Top 40 hits.

The most adventurous track on the record is certainly “Higher.” Sounding like a b-side off Justin Timberlake’s latest album, the song feels huge. The production on the song really pulls it out of the box most of their songs seem to fit into and brings out a real R&B/blues feel you rarely get from Parachute.

In the end, Parachute may have fallen a little short compared to the leap they made between the last two records. While they have definitely done a solid job of incorporating the new sound into the mix, it was disappointing to see it happen at the loss of the saxophone. Nevertheless, this record is one you will find yourself consistently returning to for another listen. Don’t be surprised to hear multiple songs from this record on a radio near you soon.

You can order the album on Amazon and iTunes. You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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