Top 10 Classes I’ve Taken at Greenville College


Original post via Greenville College Student Blogs.

The other day in my Fencing class, a fellow student was telling me how that class was in his top 25 classes of all time. I let out a little laugh, thinking to myself, “Who makes a list of their top 25 classes?”, and then realized I should totally make a list. While I have most definitely enjoyed my time at Greenville, I think it would be a stretch for me to pick 25 courses. Instead, I will choose a top 10.

10. CIS 105: Computer Fundamentals
I have always loved computers. In high school, I took as many computer classes as I could. So when I had to this course for my (then) major, I was pumped. I had the choice of taking it with some old dude, or with some young guy from IT. I chose the IT guy. Good choice. Instead of writing summaries from some outdated book, we learned about Google Reader and ManBabies.

9. PHL 201: Major Issues Philosophy
I’m currently enrolled in this course with Dr. Christina Smerick. Now many people will tell you that you HAVE to take this with Dr. Kent Dunnington. And trust me, Dr. Dunnington is a phenomenal teacher. But if you are clueless about the ideas behind philosophy and need someone to spell it out like alphabet soup for you, then Dr. Smerick is your professor. Dr. Smerick has been really great at helping to decipher these difficult concepts and has made Philosophy a class that I have very much enjoyed.

8. HPRA 256: Fencing
Ok, let’s just think about this. Fencing just looks insanely awesome. (Video) This class has just been a barrel of laughs. Love it.

7. MGT 321: Management of Organizations
This was my first class with Dr. Ivan Filby. If you are not familiar with Dr. Filby, he is the head of the Management Department at Greenville College as well as the faculty adviser for AgapeFest. Dr. Filby is one of those teachers who can just relate to students on any level, and does a great job of showing leadership. In a class that has potential to be slightly boring like an upper division Management class, he provides ample opportunities to spice up the class and even make a final project based on the movie The Devil Wears Prada.

6. PHY 105: Planets and Stars
I needed a lab science to graduate. I thought, “Hey, Planets and Stars sounds fun.” And it was. Our professor was actually a science teacher at the Bond County High School, so it gave the class a much more laid back feel. He had a great sense of humor, and the class was just really enjoyable.

5. MUEN 165: Rock Ensemble
Once upon a time, I was a CCM major. And in my first semester here, I was enrolled in the Rock Ensemble class. In this class, you are put in a band with 2-4 other people who play different instruments, and you perform a new cover song every week. While the song was often assigned to you, there were weeks occasionally that you were able to pick your cover song. We had the most rag-tag band out of them all; out of the 6 members, none of us were really singers. I  kind of took over the role as singer out of necessity, so when it came time for us to pick our song, I chose a Tom Petty song that I knew very well. This class definitely made me a better musician and made me appreciate playing 6 different instruments over the semester. Our Tom Petty cover: YouTube

Sidenote – Two members of my Rock Ensemble band dropped out of college that year to go play as musicians in touring bands. I felt pretty legit.

4. MKT 201: Marketing
This was a cool class. My favorite part of the class was that we had to take a real life event and market it. This was very easy for me, because I was working on putting on a concert on-campus. It was just a very useful class for me and I really enjoyed my professor and getting to do real life work in a class.

3. MGT 327: Entrepreneurship
This was a very interesting class for me. Essentially the idea behind this class was to create a new product, business, or service, write a business plan, and then present your idea to the class. It was very challenging because we were pretty much on our own for all the information, but it was great because we had to be very resourceful. My service was called “Streamlined Events” and the premise for my service was to create a professional grade online streaming service for showing events. The pitch went very well, and I ended up with a pretty good grade in the class. It not only made me a better student, but it really encouraged me to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

2. COR 302: Science & Christianity
This was such a cool class.  It was a great learning experience for me, because our professor, Dr. Darrell Iler, simply laid out the facts and left it up to the students to decide what they thought of all the different ideas. Dr. Iler made it a point to not influence our opinions by giving his, which I thought was both very difficult and very wise of him. One of my favorite/least favorite  parts of the trip was our trip to the Creation Museum. At the end of the course, we were required to write a paper on a subject related to the class, and I wrote mine about my feelings about the Creation Museum. If you have the opportunity to take this class during Interterm, do so. (Creation Museum paper link.)

1. COR 101: Jesus of the Media
My first course I ever took at Greenville College still stands as my favorite. This was by far the best class I ever took. I loved how much it challenged me, and it was exactly what I needed coming into college. In this course, we watched mainstream films that talked about religion, dieties,  love, relationships, and everything in between. We watched films like Saved!, Dogma, Lars and the Real Girl, Unbreakable, Magnolia, Jesus Camp, and my personal favorite Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This class made me a very critical thinker and definitely set the tone for the rest of my collegiate career.

So there you have it folks, my top 10. I have to say, I do have a pretty awesome schedule for next semester, so stay tuned in to see if any of those classes make the new and improved top 10!



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