How Green Means Go Productions Started


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Over the summer of 2010, Matthew Moore had a simple idea: book concerts at Greenville College. It all started when he attended a concert to see one of his favorite new acts, Matt Hires, in St. Louis. The concert was held at the Old Rock House just a few blocks south of the baseball stadium. He was very excited for an opportunity to see this act live, and even won free tickets to go to the show. But when he showed up, he noticed something very strange. There were only about 10 people attending the show. Granted, Matt Hires was only the opening act, Matthew was still very confused why somebody with such talent only had 10 people showing up to see him play. He had this thought: “I could book a show for Matt Hires and have more than 10 people show up. This is ridiculous!” After tweeting about it, he realized something. He actually could book Matt Hires to play a show. After discussing the idea with some friends, and several emails to college professors later, he found out what it would take to book shows at Greenville.

In September, Matthew and his friends booked their first show. They brought in Lauris Vidal and Andy Shauf, artists signed to P Is For Panda Records based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and the show was a huge success. It wasn’t long after that when they decided they wanted to try their luck again. With the help of a few friends, they managed to get in contact with Andy Smith, formerly of Paper Route, with his current project Brother Leather.

3 successful shows later, Green Means Go Productions keeps the same mentality that they started with: to book, plan, and promote successful concerts at Greenville College.

Check out the GMG Tumblr page! Link

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