Why Music Business?


I have been asked that question in several different ways by a million different people. I’ve been asked “So… you’re gonna be the manager for *insert popular band of the minute here*?” I’ve been asked “How are you going to make money doing that?” and I’ve also been asked by some people back home “Well, how can you do that and still live in Southern Illinois?” To answer those three questions real quick: No, very easily, and I won’t be staying in Southern Illinois.

Truth is, I don’t exactly know what really struck my interest in Music Business. When I was looking at colleges, I thought I could be a live sound engineer for touring bands. Then I realized running sound is a lot harder than it looks. I thought I could go through college as a CCM Major. Then I realized I’m not cut out for 4 years of piano and music theory. I think if anything, Music Business started out as a last resort.

My first real entrance into the Music Business was with AgapeFest.  I was asked by Micah Chapman to be the Assistant Director of Artist Relations, and it was my first real opportunity to get my hands dirty, and I absolutely loved it. I was given a lot of responsibility and I was able to successfully take on the responsibility.

Last summer I interned at The Luminary Center For The Arts, and it was another great experience. I learned that the Music Business isn’t always what you expect or what you necessarily want, but every opportunity is a learning experience. Not only was I given the chance to learn how to market and promote well, but I got the chance to learn about a lot of new artists that I would have never been introduced to otherwise.

So why Music Business? Because it allows me to stay involved in the world of music professionally. It gives me a chance to convince everybody in the entire world that music is the greatest gift God has ever given us. It gives me an opportunity to share the emotion and raw energy that musicians bring to stages all over the world every single night. It’s what I’m good at, and it’s what I love.

Jimmy Iovene once said about the music business “If this company is about anything, it’s about discipline and staying focused.” And if you don’t believe that, you’re not meant to be in the Music Business.

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