Lent and Facebook


In my 21 years of living, I have never participated in Lent. I grew up a region of Southeastern Illinois that was predominantly Catholic, most of which participated in Lent. I saw many of these kids tend to “beat the system” by giving up things like margarine and bell peppers. I was always under the impression that Lent was not something Baptist boys got involved in during this season. However, I discovered in high school what Lent was really about and how it was a-ok for someone like me to get involved. Yet despite my understanding of Lent, I never got involved in it. I never really had anything I felt I could or should give up.

This year, I’ve finally decided I should participate. And the thing I’ve decided to give up is Facebook. Facebook is something that has robbed countless hours of my time spent creeping on photos, people’s friendships, and commenting on pointless statuses. So this year, on Ash Wednesday, I will be giving up Facebook. For those of you who rely on Facebook to keep in contact with me, you can find other ways to contact me in my Social Media page on my blog here.

And who knows, maybe I’ll pull a Dining Commons and trick everyone into believing Facebook is just a Lent thing.

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3 thoughts on “Lent and Facebook

  1. So… you’re giving up community with your brothers and sisters for Lent?

    I can understand giving up games on FB or something like that. But saying you’re not going to use Facebook during Lent is like saying you’re giving up using your voice to talk to people. Or giving up turning in assignments for class…

    • Joel,

      If I want community with my brothers and sisters, I’ll be in community with them physically. There are a myriad of other ways to reach me besides Facebook. I have a cell phone, Twitter, email, etc. I appreciate you playing Devil’s Advocate though.


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