Brian Lee And His Orchestra and Brother Leather


Photo by Carrie Sleme

Friday night’s concert with Owen Pye, Brother Leather and Brian Lee & His Orchestra was a huge success thanks to the 100+ Greenville students, alumni, faculty and the other folks from outside of the Greenville community. With all the chairs hidden and a money box at the door the Blackroom looked a little different than normal, but different is good.

Photo by Perrin Robinson

Owen Pye opened up the evening with 4 songs including one from his upcoming album recently recorded by his new label, Blackroom Records. His witty charm and solid lyrics really set the mood for the evening. The response from the crowd was a very positive one that grew after each song he played.

Next on the bill was the newly formed band Brother Leather, which was lead by Andy Smith. This new side project was brought together on a whim, more or less, when Andy and Brian Lee had decided they wanted to do a tour together. After some writing sessions, they booked four shows in the Midwest. It’s pretty easy to hear the Paper Route influence in his songs with a prominent drum machine laying down the solid foundation in the majority of his songs. With songs like Sailing and Marie, Andy is off to a great start with Brother Leather.

Photo by Carrie Sleme

Despite much confusion, the band took the stage again with Brian Lee singing lead instead. In support of their newest album, Milk and Honey, Brian Lee & His Orchestra played several of their new songs. Songs like Alcoholic Bench, Seven Feet of Heaven, and Milk and Honey, it’s hard not to like Brian’s new material.

The overall feel for the night was a very positive one. Cale Riggs, a St. Louis resident who heard about the show from a Greenville student, said “I was very impressed with the production of the concert, as well as the quality of the venue. The Blackroom is a great place to have concerts, and I’d love to come here again to see another show.”

Green Means Go Productions, the folks behind this show, are working on putting on several more shows in the coming semester, and are very excited about what’s to come to the Blackroom. Feel free to check out Green Means Go’s Tumblr for more updates on the past show, and for upcoming concerts.

Link to Greenville College’s blog post.



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