Brother Leather Live in Greenville


It’s been a long time since the fall of 2000. It was in that semester that Brian Lee, Andy
Smith, Ryan Young, and other friends came together to create arguably one of the
best bands to come out of Greenville, For All The Drifters. After a few years, the band
collectively disbanded and decided to go in different paths.
Fast forward to 2010. Paper Route, which consists of most of the former For All The
Drifters members, including Andy Smith, has toured nationally with such acts as
Paramore, Owl City, Jack’s Mannequin, and Lights. Brian Lee & His Orchestra, which
includes Ryan Young, has had 3 successful releases and enjoys touring occasionally
around the Nashville area.

On November 12th, Brian Lee, Andy Smith, and company will be joining forces once
again to play a show in Greenville, Illinois. They will be partaking on a small tour across
the Midwest under their new moniker, Brother Leather. The group is said to be working
on recording a short EP of songs they have written in anticipation of the upcoming tour.
The Brother Leather concert is proud to be sponsored by Blackroom Records as well
as AgapeFest, both of whom have played a great role in the launch of these successful
musicians’ careers.

Doors open at 7 pm with a $5 charge at the door. Concert will start at 8 pm and is
located in the Blackroom.


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