Jon Foreman – A quick thought


Nicole has never been to a Switchfoot concert. Switchfoot is my favorite band. I told her that I would buy her tickets to go see them next time they came here. So October 15th was the date for their stop in the St. Louis area.

Then, we realized it was homecoming weekend. And Friday, October 15 was the night of the orchestra concert, which meant she couldn’t attend.

So after the show, I came up with this idea. We went to go meet the band after the show, and I was going to ask Jon for a very odd request.

He met several of us from Greenville who came together, and then I decided to ask him. “I have a big favor to ask..” I said. “My girlfriend wanted to come to the concert, but had an orchestra concert that she had to play at tonight. Would you mind talking to her on the phone?” “Yeah man, let’s do it.”

Photo Credit: Mike Caroleo

So here it is. You can kind of tell, but that is me handing my phone to Jon Foreman. A guy who doesn’t even have to come out and meet fans after shows, but does so after nearly every show. He gladly took my phone and told Nicole “I hope your orchestral goals are going well, and I’ll be at your next concert.”

That is why I still have faith in the music industry.

9:10 am


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