Being sick sucks.

I don’t exactly remember when it started. Or even what caused it. To be honest, I’m not even sure what it is. But it sucks.

My diagnosis? Summer allergies. Or something. Nicole’s diagnosis? A sinus infection. I’m not sure, but I want it to go away.

Constantly ridding your nose of boogers, spitting giant loogies, and doing other disgusting things is not only gross to the people around you, but it’s gross to me as well.

And of all times to get sick, it’s right in the middle of my 4 weeks in a row of leading worship at 3 different churches. I had some hot tea Sunday morning and it all went really well, but on the drive back to Warrenton, I was hit really hard with fatigue and sinus blockage.

So here’s what I’m asking of you: prayers. Prayers that I’ll figure out what is wrong and how I can fix it. Prayers that this fatigue will go away. Prayers that I can keep going whether or not this sickness goes away. Thanks, folks.

11:40 am
Streaked Faces
Josh Moore
Album – Josh Moore


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