God is so good.


This is a realization I have come to in the last few days. Lots of things have happened to me in the last few days to help me realize this.

My wonderful girlfriend. When I had car trouble last weekend, she offered to drive her vehicle the entire time we needed a vehicle. When I was frustrated about issues with my car, she was also quick (and effective) to help calm me down and get me in a great mood. Thank God for cute girls with patience for me.

My car. Just a couple weeks ago, my radiator in my car was not holding its coolant very well. In fact, I went through two bottles of coolant in a matter of 3 days. I went in to the local repair shop in Warrenton to have it looked at, and they could not fix it until Wednesday. It was Friday when I went in. Since I had places to be on both Friday and Saturday night, I had no choice but to drive my car until that date. Unfortunately, Saturday night was the nail in the coffin. My car shut down due to being too overheated. It was 12:45 am on the side of Interstate 64. Long story short, I was towed 25 miles back to Warrenton and had no vehicle for a while.
I got a call from the repairman Wednesday saying that the fix was going to be very expensive and asked about a warranty. I called the folks I bought my car from and they said “We’re not a warranty dealer, we’re a car dealer.” I was extremely frustrated, and just knew we wouldn’t be able to afford to fix my car. However, after about 20 minutes, my Mom calls me back and tells me that the repairman looked up the VIN number on my car and checked it with Chevrolet. Turns out my car is still under warranty by Chevrolet, and all the repairs are covered by the warranty. Thank God for local repairmen who care about their customers.

Between July 11th and August 1st, I will be leading church every Sunday for four weeks at three different churches. July 11th, I will be leading worship in Pontiac, Illinois with Nicole at her church. July 18th and 25th I will be leading worship at Family Bible Church in Highland, which is the church I regularly attend while attending Greenville. And August 1st, I will be leading worship in Nashville, Illinois at Lighthouse Community Church. Thank God for giving me an opportunity to share what He has given me.

On August 4th, I will be getting orthoscopic knee surgery for my right knee. This is the knee I injured about 8 years ago, and no doctor has ever seriously looked at. One doctor noticed it, but simply gave me 6 weeks of physical therapy instead of taking action and fixing it. Finally, this June, a doctor looked at it again. I showed him the creaking noise and feeling my knee does, and he examined it very thoroughly as well. He told me after just a minute or so of prodding “Yeah, we’re gonna fix this for you.” This is something I’ve been waiting for since high school, and it is finally going to be fixed. Although I will probably be on crutches for a couple weeks, the end product will be worth it. Thank God for doctors who listen to patients.

After these few incidents, I realized that God is continually pouring blessings down upon me, whether I realize it or not. My prayer every day now is that I will just keep my head up, stay positive, and always see that God is there for me.

12:26 pm


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