The College Effect


I have an internship this summer in St. Louis and I’m living in Warrenton. I took a road trip to Rochester to a wedding. I spent a week in Pontiac. How are all of these related? Greenville College.

Without Greenville College, I wouldn’t have an opportunity to work for The Luminary Center for the Arts. Without Greenville College, I wouldn’t have a place to stay in Warrenton. Without Greenville, I wouldn’t have a wedding to go to, or even people to go on a ridiculous road trip with to get there. Without Greenville, I wouldn’t have a girlfriend to drive up and spend a whole week with in Pontiac.

My former youth pastor David Fortner used to always talk about the friendships he made in college. He used to tell me “my best friends were the ones I met while attending college.” Being a freshman in high school, I could only imagine that he was right, because I didn’t know one way or the other. I used to think home is where I would spend the rest of my life. I had a pretty decent group of friends, and they were pretty rad and stuff. But I discovered something the hard way: once you leave for college, people back home learn to manage without you, and when you come back, you’re rarely missed. I do still have a few friends that I make sure to see when I come home, but the list has certainly dwindled down with each visit. Sorry if I stepped on some toes, but maybe some friends from home will prove me otherwise.

This year of college, I came home as infrequently as I possibly could so that I could make the best of my sophomore year. And that was a great decision. I got an opportunity to get closer to people like the guys who are living in my pod next year, a chance to make new friends in people like Micah Chapman and Ben Menghini, and even meet an incredible girl who plays a mean upright bass. 🙂

Don’t let my smiley face and kind words fool you though, college has been a really rough time for me, too. I’ve struggled with grades in more than a few classes, and sometimes apathy gets the best of me. However, I think I have my head on straight and I am on the right path to succeed. There is so much I could say about college, but quite frankly, I don’t think I could put it all into words in one sitting. Maybe one day, but not right now.

So my advice to you: Don’t get attached to home. The people I’ve met at Greenville College are some of the most genuine people I have ever met, and you won’t regret staying on campus for the weekend. The friendships I’ve made and the events that have happened are things I will always remember and will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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